Workshop: Biscuit Conditionals

We will soon host a workshop on “Biscuit Conditionals”, jointly organized with the Konstanz research group What if, and the Konstanz Emmy Noether group What is it to ask a question? A formal pragmatic investigation of interrogative force.

The two-day workshop will take place on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October in Hamburg. Here is the schedule:

Friday 20th October. 

9.30-11.00. Eric Swanson. Assorted Biscuits and Conversational Implicatures.

11.15-12.45. Maria Biezma and Arno Goebel. Am I a biscuit?: Biscuits and wannabes.

14.30-16.00. Chi-Hé Elder. If you see what I mean: Metalinguistic markers as biscuit conditionals.

16.15-17.45. Sven Lauer. Biscuit conditionals, questions, and biscuit conditional questions.

Saturday 21st October.

9.30-11.00. Julia Zakkou. Varieties of biscuit conditionals.

11.15-12.45. Eva Csipak. Is there a “biscuit” word order in German?

14.30-16.00. Daniel Dohrn. Biscuits and Semi-Factuals.

16.15-17.45. Manfred Krifka. Biscuit conditionals as anticipatory speech acts..

The workshop will take place in Hörsaal H (Eduard-Heimann-Hörsaal) of the main University building:

Attendance is free, but please let us know if you are interested in attending by emailing Julia.