Busy, busy, busy…

Inga’s paper “Verbal Disputes and the Varieties of Verbalness” recently came out in Erkenntnis. 

Julia’s paper “Biscuit Conditionals and Prohibited ‘then’” recently came out in Thought.

Julia’s paper “Denial and Retraction — A Challenge for Theories of Predicates of Personal Taste” has just been accepted for publication in Synthese. 

Delia’s paper “Verbalism and metalinguistic negotiation in ontological disputes” recently came out in Philosophical Studies. 

Richard’s paper “Ersatz Counterparts” finally came out in the (hot pink!) 10th volume of Oxford Studies in Metaphysics.

Richard and Tatjana’s paper “To Have and To Hold” will appear in the next volume of Philosophical Issues.

Richard and Nathan’s paper “Fictionality, Incompleteness, and Interactivity” will appear in The Aesthetics of Video Games (edited by Grant Tavinor and Jon Robson).