New Members + Updates

We’re delighted to announce that Lukas Skiba and Delia Belleri have joined our group.

Lukas arrived in July, and joins us from Cambridge University, where he completed his doctoral studies and subsequently held a postdoctoral fellowship funded by the lovely people at the Analysis Trust. His research with us will focus on (Neo)-Fregean approaches to existence questions and whether they make ontology easy, as argued in recent work by Amie Thomasson.

Delia arrived in August, and joins us on loan from the University of Vienna, where she is research associate (“Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin”). Delia’s position is funded through the award of a fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Her research with us will focus on issues relating to the question of how we should understand ontological disagreements.

The arrivals of Lukas and Delia will help to soften the blow of losing Nathan and Neil, both of whom will be taking up positions in Glasgow and both of whom will be very much missed.

Finally, many congratulations to Tatjana, who has taken up a permanent position at University College Dublin!