Jesus loves us!

We’re very proud to announce that Julia’s paper “Jesus loves you!” has been accepted for publication at Philosophical Studies. Abstract below:

According to orthodox semantics, a given sentence as used at a given situation expresses at most one content. In the last decade, this view has been challenged with several objections. Many of them have been addressed in the literature. But one has gone almost unheeded. It stems from sentences that are used to address several people individually, like ‘Jesus loves you!’ as uttered by a priest at a sermon. Cappelen (2008), Egan (2009), López de Sa (2014), and MacFarlane (2014, ch. 4) claim that, to account for such cases, one has to adopt a pluralist semantics, according to which the sentences in question express more than one content. In this paper, I shall counter this objection. Exploiting different so far underappreciated features of singular and plural ‘you’, I argue, orthodox semantics can very well account for the cases in question.