New members

We are delighted to welcome three new members to our group.

Mirja Annalena Holst joins us from the University of Aachen, having completed her doctoral studies at Leeds. Mirja works mainly on issues at the intersection of the philosophy of language and the philosophy of logic, with a particular emphasis on the semantics of descriptions and conditionals. As part of her involvement in our project, Mirja will be looking at what semantics best accounts for how descriptions embed in various intensional contexts (modal and fictional operators, e.g.) and examining what consequences this has with respect to the metaphysics of possible and fictional objects.

Inga Vermeulen joins us from the Australian National University, having completed her doctoral studies at Sheffield. Inga’s extant work has focused on issues in philosophical methodology, and in particular the role of conceptual and verbal issues in philosophy. As part of her involvement in our project, Inga will continue her work on the proper understanding of merely verbal disputes, as applied to ontological and metaphysical disputes, as well as examining the nature of metaphysical disagreement more generally.

Julia Zakkou will join us from Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, where she is presently completing her doctoral studies. Julia works mainly on issues relating to the metametaphysical consequences of the proper understanding of allegedly faultless disagreements. As part of her involvement in our project, Julia will continue this work, with a particular focus on the question of whether or not metaphysical and ontological issues can somehow be nonfactual or indeterminate.

We are sure that Mirja, Inga, and Julia will make huge contributions to our project and we’re super excited to welcome them on board.